Age Divisions:

Baby Miss - 0-11 Months

Wee Miss - 1 Year

Toddler Miss - 2 Years

Tot Miss - 3 Years

Tiny Tot Miss - 4 Years & 5 Years not enrolled in Kindergarten

Tiny Miss - Kindergarten, Pre-1st & 1st Grade

Little Miss - 2nd & 3rd Grade

Junior Miss - 4th & 5th Grade

Young Miss - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade


Baby Miss to Tiny Tot Miss - 2 Phases of Competition (Registration $50)

1. Personality 45pts

2. Evening Gown 45pts


Tiny Miss to Young Miss - 3 Phases of Competition (Registration $60)

1. Personal introduction with opening number outfit (Opening number dance NOT judged) 15pts

2. Modeling Sportswear (outfit of choice school spirit) in T formation 30pts

3. Evening Gown in Z formation 30pts

4. On-Stage Question (poise, confidence, & ability to speak will be judged) 30pts


Optional Competitions ($5 per Optional)

Optional competitions include Photogenic, Best Evening Gown, Best Hair, Best Eyes, Best Smile for all age divisions.  The contestant with the highest score in each of these optionals per age division will win the award.  Optional competitions do NOT have any bearing on regular competition. 



All clothing should be age appropriate. Hair and Makeup should be age appropriate. Festival travel will be determined by the queens committee. All other travel may be coordinated by parents. We will crown a Queen & a Princess in each division and they will be introduced at the Miss River Days Pageant Saturday evening and Sunday at the festival on the River Front. There are NO Penny-per-vote divisions this year.  All divisions are competitions. Contestants MUST be a resident of one of the 12 school districts in Scioto County.  All contestants in the Tiny to Young Divisions are required to purchase a $25 t-shirt for the opening number (paid separate).    


How Do I Enter?:

Step 1: Click the Registration Button to the left and submit information

Step 2: Click the Make A Payment Button and make payment via PayPal or send a cashier's check or money order to the address listed on the Registration button.  


Once both Steps have been completed, you will receive official registration confirmation. ALL registration is completed ONLINE.

We cannot accept personal checks or cash; payment must be a money order or cashier's check made payable to Friends of Portsmouth.  Any questions feel free to email us at You will receive and email with additional information after we receive your paperwork and ALL REQUIRED fees. 

Become A Little Miss Contestant



Registration Fee includes one admission ticket to assist child backstage.  Must be a female chaperone for the Tiny to Young Miss Divisions!

*All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE