River Days Pageant Moms

Meet the 2020 Pageant Moms that mentor, support and coach each of the 12 River Days' Contestants!

Courtney Mays

Miss Clay's

Pageant Mom


Samantha Hoskins

Miss East's

Pageant Mom


Nicole Rawlins

Miss Glenwood's

Pageant Mom


Lana Axtell

Miss Green's

Pageant Mom

Angela Clark

Miss Minford's

Pageant Mom

Corey Bentley

Miss Notre Dame's

Pageant Mom


Amanda Crabtree

Miss South Webster's

Pageant Mom


Andrea Brown

Miss Northwest's

Pageant Mom

Emily Hicks

Miss Portsmouth's

Pageant Mom

Kelly Riehl

Miss Valley's

Pageant Mom


Amanda Conkel

Miss West's

Pageant Mom

Sharli Dempsey

Miss Wheelersburg's

Pageant Mom

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