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Miss Green - Madison Howard

Hello, My name is Madison Howard, and I am honored to be Miss Green 2023 I am the daughter of Bobbie and Raymond Howard. I have a 2 older brothers and an older sister I participate in Cheer,Dance , Key club and I am also a member of impact prevention. “ Admittedly, this is very emotional and challenging time for me.I’ve struggled understand and accept this situation. Losing a parent is a deeply painful experience it comes with a hurricane of emotions, processing, and reflection. There is no universal manual to help you deal with the loss of a parent, so when it does happen a lot of feelings , occurrence and interactions . It’s hard to even put into words , but the key thing to keep in mind is there is no normal way of reacting. I haven’t just felt one emotion since my father passed, my experience has been more like traveling the world. Each stage of the of your journey will be completely different, and as you wonder through your grief, emotions will come and go. So this is why I chose my platform “ Coping With Saying Goodbye “ this is my way of turning my pain into passion to help others , as I am still learning and trying to figure out how to cope myself I want to take others who are suffering from a lost along with me in my journey. So let me tell you a little about my story hello I am Madison Howard I am your miss green 2023 my platform is Coping With Saying Goodbye. When I was just sixteen years old I lost my father unexpectedly. Losing my father was the hardest thing I have ever been through. my dad worked out of town but we always kept close at heart. At sixteen years old I had to show maturity and adversity while balancing my sophomore year of high school. Losing my father was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and it shows adversity that I’m still standing here today. I want to educate myself of more coping skills while also teaching others. I believe that together we can get through anything. I’m taking my pain and trying to turn it into purpose for others. I understand how hard it is to lose someone close to you. I’m still coming myself. And I don’t want others to feel alone. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family and volunteering with then my community I would like to thank the faculty and the student body at Green High school for giving me the best opportunity to represent our school. Being Miss Green is a once and a lifetime opportunity every since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of I am so excited to start this new journey I am proud and honored to be a bobcat from Green high school I am looking forward to representing my school with the most pride and honor.

Platform: Coping with Saying Goodbye



The contestant with the most money turned in for People’s Choice this year will be awarded 1⁄2 of the amount of money she raised in the form of a scholarship!

The People's Choice Award will be announced during crowning.

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